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Central King Country REAP was established in 1980 by the Government to provide supplementary and complementary education services for the people of the Central King Country.

It is one of the thirteen Rural Education Activities Programmes (REAPs) in New Zealand that were set up between 1978 and 1982. REAPs are based on the belief that local communities are best able to identify and direct resources to meet their own special needs.

Our organisation is contracted to the Ministry of Education to identify local education needs and gaps in mainstream education in its remote area, to be flexible in providing those needs through formal or non-formal learning activities, to provide integrated and seamless educational initiatives across the early childhood, schools, adult and community (ACE) sectors and, "to encourage and promote lifelong learning".

We are contracted to the Tertiary Education Commission to provide educational initiatives in the adult and community (ACE) sector, to encourage and promote lifelong education, to strengthen communities by meeting identified community learning needs and to strengthen social cohesion.

Our services are based on adding value to the educational opportunities that already exist within the region and providing resources where they do not.

Our organisation is funded by the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission. A copy of our Charter can be viewed at our office. We are governed by a Board consisting of six elected representatives. Our Chairperson can be contacted through our office.

39 Years of Service

60 Courses
in 2018

Taught 537 Students 2018

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115 Hakiaha Street

Taumarunui, 3920

www.ckcreap.org.nz | Tel: 07 896 8680

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